Julia Stuart

Welcome to Julia Stuart's web site, where you can learn all about her new novel, The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland, as well as The Pigeon Pie MysteryThe Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise and The Matchmaker of Périgord.

The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland, published in 2016, tells of Brodie McBride, the last expert in the ancient art of pearl fishing, who's on a quest to track down the pearl that will complete a necklace for his wife, Elspeth, convinced that the love token will save their marriage.

But Scotland's rivers are running out of mussels, Elspeth is running out of patience, and their daughter, Maggie, is running wild with her moustachioed pet rabbit.

When Maggie takes matters into her own hands, determined to keep the family together, the McBrides are soon at the centre of an international commotion that will change everyone's lives forever.

Come and hear Julia talk about The Last Pearl Fisher of Scotland at the Pitlochry Winter Words Festival on February 18, 2017.