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A Novel Idea

A while ago I met the Home Secretary after she delivered a very funny speech at the annual reception of the Journalists’ Charity, which provides practical and financial support to journalists (fingers crossed they’re saving me a bed). Theresa May revealed that the House of Commons shared the concept of helping colleagues in distress, “but we just call it the House of Lords”.

My New Novel

A number of you, in the most charming fashion, have been telling me to get a blooming move on.

The Big Sleep

See where some of the characters of The Pigeon Pie Mystery live in Hampton Court Palace

Publication Day

Famously nothing ever happens on publication day. You wake up with the excitement of Christmas morning, look out of the window, and stare at the world in disbelief as it goes about its business. “How can that be?” you wonder, head against the pane...

The Pigeon Pie Mystery - Q&A

Questions and answers on Julia's latest novel, published in America on August 7...